Mad Rav­ings

Crack­pot The­o­ries writ­ten by myself and friends

Elec­tron is a poem about everyone’s favorite particle

I’ve writ­ten up my more inter­est­ing dreams

Ode to a Dead Cat is a poem I wrote for Hilary and Erin

I woke up one morn­ing (really!) and found a Pil­low in the Closet

See Foot­note is a story that I started. It’s rough and just a fleshed out idea really

An analy­sis of film noir for an eng­lish class

A strange Mono­logue I wrote once

An Eng­lish paper I call Satire of the Lawn

I had a famous (not really) door greet­ing for my apart­ment in college

This is a very strange math mono­logue or ram­ble that I appar­ently wrote

Some of the com­plaint let­ters I have writ­ten to companies.

Abil­ity, Char­ac­ter, and Desire won me a large schol­ar­ship from the BNSF Railroad


What the tor­toise said to Achilles by Lewis Carroll

A humor­ous phi­los­o­phy quiz by P.D. Mag­nus and Ryan Hickerson

I wrote A Phi­los­o­phy of the Depen­dence of Man on Him­self for a class sev­eral years ago

This is the phi­los­o­phy jour­nal I kept for that same class